The Pleasuring of Men


For anyone interested in the imagined gay underworld of late 1860s New York. Historical gay romance, but women too have read and reviewed it. (The cover illustration doesn’t hurt.)

Tom Vaughan, a respectably raised young man, chooses to become a male prostitute servicing the city’s affluent elite, then falls in love with his most difficult client. Their story unfolds in the clandestine and precarious gay underworld of the time, which is vividly created. Through a series of encounters — some exhilarating, some painful, some mysterious — Tom matures, until an unexpected act of violence provokes a final resolution. Gay romance, historical.

“The novel is deftly drawn with rich descriptions, a rhythmic balance of action, dialogue, and exposition, and a nicely understated plot. The Pleasuring of Men is both engaging and provocative.” — Barnes & Noble editorial review by Sean Moran

“The detail Browder brings to this glimpse into history is only equaled by his writing of credible and interesting characters. Highly recommended.” — Five-star Goodreads review by Nan Hawthorne
“Altogether this is a tale encompassing both sophisticated wit and humour, and yet the subject matter is the gritty underbelly of society as enacted by its leading citizens. It is absolutely delightful. Five Bees.” — Gerry Burnie’s Reviews

Published as a paperback and ebook by Gival Press, 2011