The Eye That Never Sleeps


For readers who like well-researched historical fiction, and who love a fast-paced detective story set in turbulent nineteenth-century New York.

Hired by the city’s bankers to track down and apprehend the thief who is plundering their banks, private detective Sheldon Minick develops a friendship with his chief suspect, Nicholas Hale, an elegant young man-about-town who is in every way the sober Methodist detective’s opposite. They agree to a truce and undertake each to show the other the city that he knows and values.  Further adventures follow, including a tour of the docks, a slaughterhouse, a cancan, and a visit to a whorehouse with leap-frogging whores. But when the truce ends, the inevitable finale comes in the dark midnight vaults of a bank.

“A classically told detective novel that creates a web of intrigue, while giving the reader a tour of a bygone era of America through the filter of New York City.” — Editorial review by Sublime Book Review

“The Eye That Never Sleeps is a great midnight mystery to enjoy and I highly recommended to all crime and mystery-loving fans.” — Four-star editorial review for Readers’ Favorite by Tiffany Ferrell

“Enter the seamier haunts of mid-nineteenth century NYC. One man is married, short, honorable, a master of disguising himself as various working men. The other is a player, fairly tall, pretty much amoral, an adept planner of felonies, and sneakily vindictive. Follow them around for a while and you decide which one bests the other in a dangerous game.” — Five-star editorial review for NetGalley by Jan Tangen

Published as paperback and ebook by Black Rose Writing, 2019