Fascinating New Yorkers


No Place for Normal: New York / Stories from the Most Exciting City in the World


If you love (or hate) New York — its people, its doings, its craziness — this is the book for you. 

Winner for regional nonfiction in the Tenth Annual National Indie Excellence Awards, 2016.

First place for Travel in the Reader Views Literary Awards for 2015-2016.

Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards for 2016.

No Place for Normal: New York is a combination of memoir, history, and travel book all rolled into one.  Its stories include alcoholics, abortionists, grave robbers, the Gay Pride parade, peyote visions, the author’s mugging in Central Park, and an artist who makes art of a blood-filled squirt gun and a blackened human toe.

“I thoroughly enjoyed No Place for Normal: New York by Clifford Browder and highly recommend it to all fans of entertaining short stories and lovers of New York City.” — Editorial review for Reader Views Literary Awards by Sheri Hoyte
“To read No Place for Normal: New York is to enter into Cliff Browder’s rich and engaging sixty years of adult life in New York. He embraces every corner of this diverse and fathomless city, right down to its lovely final chapter that takes the reader to the edge of the abyss, No Place for Normal gives the reader something both life-affirming and deserving of further contemplation.” — Reader review by Michael P. Hartnett

“Cliff Browder has a way with his writing that makes the city I lived in for 40 plus years come alive in a new and delightful way. A refreshing view on NYC that will not disappoint. “ — Reader review by Bill L.

Paperback self-published with Mill City Press, 2015.