NewYorkers: A Feisty People


A quirky memoir by a longtime resident who loves his city, with bits of history and weird facts to surprise visitors and residents alike. A fun book, with a few grim moments. 

Finalist in the 14th National Indie Excellence Awards, 2020, Regional Nonfiction: Northeast

“Tourists and those new to the city will most appreciate this light, entertaining look at the Big Apple.” — Publishers Weekly

“New York is the most exciting city in the world. It’s unique and reading “New Yorkers” is the next best thing to actually living there!”
— Midwest Book Review

“This immersive exploration of the city and its denizens etches a vivid portrait of “what it is to be a New Yorker … our past and present glories and horrors.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Thousands of books have been written about New York City, but this one stands out. Browder has a keen sense for interesting stories, the research skills to flesh them out and the writing chops to transform them into great tales. Read the book with a good NYC map to sop up every last savory detail.” — Blue Ink Review

Paperback and e-book self-published with 1106 Design, 2019