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No events planned now, in light of the coronavirus.

Guest articles and interviews

Interview with ZOOM into Books on YouTube, February 25, 2021.  
I talk about my books, book fairs, and related matters. The link:


“How I Market My Books,” guest article for a UK blog by West Sussex author and blogger Natasha Murray, June 12, 2018, reprinted as post #359 on my blog, “No Place for Normal: New York,” June 12, 2018.

Interview with Colleen M. Chesebro, novelist and word witch, in her online series “Conversations with Colleen,” December 15, 2019.

“Authors Are Oddballs,” guest article for “Chris the Story Reading Ape,” blog by UK author Chris Graham, December 12, 2018, reprinted as post #387 on my blog, “No Place for Normal: New York,” December 16, 2018.



Silas and me at BookCon 2017

Posts from my blog on book fairs

Backed up by my young friend Silas, I have exhibited at a number of New York City book fairs. It’s exciting to meet people who will buy one of your books and read it. Attendees range from casual to excitable to exhibitionist to just plain flat-out weird.

BookCon 2017: #281, #302, #302A, #303.
BookCon 2018: #360.
Brooklyn Book Festival 2018: #374.
Rainbow Book Fair 2019: #432.


Imaginary Interviews

To date, just two. The first deals with The Pleasuring of Men.

320. “Interview: A Male Prostitute and His Clients.” October 1, 2017.

353. Fascinating New Yorkers: Why and How I Wrote It.” May 6, 2018.



Friends and guests at my book release party
for The Eye That Never Sleeps, May 2019