Fascinating New Yorkers


Fascinating New Yorkers: Power Freaks, Mobsters, Liberated Women, Creators, Queers and Crazies


A good read for anyone who wants to know more about the hustlers, manipulators, artists, celebrities, and crooks that have frequented The City That Never Sleeps. You may be shocked or angered, but you won’t be bored. 

2019 International Book Awards Finalist — Biography

Biographical sketches of colorful people, some remembered and some forgotten, who lived or died in New York.  J.P. Morgan and his nose; Andy Warhol and his sex life; Polly Adler, Queen of Tarts; a serial killer who terrorized the city; and many more.

“Readers will enjoy Clifford Browder’s lively, descriptive writing. Fans of nonfiction and more recent history will really appreciate the research that he put into these pages.” — Editorial review for Reader Views by Paige Lovitt
“There’s something for everyone here in this collection of profiles, and it serves as a source of inspiration for readers who love NYC.” — Editorial review for U.S. Review of Books by Gabriella Tutino

“I felt like I was gossiping with a friend when reading this, as the author wrote about New Yorkers who are unique in one way or another. I am hoping for another book featuring more New Yorkers, as I couldn’t put this down and read it in one sitting!” — Five-star editorial review for NetGalley by Cristie Underwood

Published as paperback and ebook by Black Rose Writing, 2019.