Dark Knowledge


For lovers of historical fiction who like a fast-paced mystery combined with a coming-of-age story.

When young Chris Harmony learns that members of his family may have been involved in the illegal pre-Civil War slave trade, he is appalled. Determined to learn the truth, he begins an investigation that takes him into a dingy waterfront saloon, musty old maritime records that yield startling secrets, and elegant brownstone parlors that may have been furnished by the trade. Since those once involved dread exposure, he meets denials and evasions, then threats, and a key witness is murdered. What price must Chris pay to learn the painful truth and proclaim it?

“This work of fiction does a decent job at addressing and acknowledging a disgraceful period in New York history.” — Editorial review for the US Review of Books by Gabiella Tutino

“I enjoyed reading Dark Knowledge and Clifford Browder definitely managed to recreate the vibe and feel of that era so that I could almost smell the salty sea air and feel myself transported to that period. This is great read!” — Five-star editorial review for Readers’ Favorite by Gisela Dixon

“Thoroughly enjoyed this historical book! I recommend to read! Facts accurate!” — Five-star reader review for Goodreads by LisaMarie

“Overall this novel is worth reading and I highly recommend it.” — Five-star reader review for Barnes & Noble by ladynicolai

Published as a paperback by Anaphora Literary Press, 2018