Bill Hope: His Story


For readers of historical fiction with a likable protagonist who fights his way out of crime and squalor toward something that he hopes will be better.

From his cell in the gloomy prison known as the Tombs, young Bill Hope spills out in a torrent of words the story of his career as a pickpocket; his scorn for snitches and bullies; his brutal treatment at Sing Sing and escape from another prison in a coffin; his forays into brownstones and polite society; and his sojourn among the “loonies” in a madhouse, from which he emerges to face betrayal and death threats, and possible involvement in a murder. Driving him throughout is a fierce desire for better, a yearning to leave the crooked life behind, and a persistent and undying hope.

“A real yarn of a story about a lovable pickpocket who gets into trouble and has a great adventure. A must read.” — Five-star reader review for Amazon by Nicole W. Brown

“Despite the story is told in a sort of flash language it’s an easy read — and very enjoyable!” — Four-star editorial review for LibraryThing Early Reviewers by viennamax

Published as a paperback by Anaphora Literary Press, 2017